Resonating Poems- Rupi Kaur

I’ve always loved poetry since I was elementary school poetry books caught my intention over fiction or chapter books. For this week’s poems I feel like I’ve resonated with Rupi Kaur since high school her work speaks volumes. She has a lot of poems that revolve around absent father which I especially can relate to.Continue reading “Resonating Poems- Rupi Kaur”

Racial Comedy

After watching the Tik Tok videos I realized how often I’ve seen racial comedy on my own Tik Tok page. I genuinely didn’t look to deeply into it until I was asked the question about it, and I sat there and thought about it. I think it depends honestly its situation based issue. It dependsContinue reading “Racial Comedy”

Coyote Nation Excerpts Review

After reading the Coyote Nation Excerpt I was astounded at the effort Anglo derived schools put into making sure people Indians were “clean”. Although it doesn’t surprise me it’s still shocking to read about how the mindset of White America back then associated trait like “improper posture” with primitive behavior. Like in the New JimContinue reading “Coyote Nation Excerpts Review”


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